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Commentary Series:21


Commentary Series:20

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Commentary Series-19
Commentary Series-18
Commentary Series 17
No.21: The role of industrial policy in market-friendly economies
Case of COVID-19 vaccine R&D and its manufacturing in India and the USA
Sunil Mani


No.20: Report of the 15th Finance Commission 2021-22 to 2025-26: What It Means for the States
R. Mohan


No.19: Economic Survey (2020-21) and Union Budget (2021-22)
R. Nagaraj, Thiagu Ranganathan, Udaya S. Mishra, Vinoj Abraham, M. Parameswaran, Tirtha Chatterjee, Sunil Mani, Ritika Jain, Hrushikesh Mallick and Chidambaran G. Iyer


No.18: Agricultural Farm Acts 2020 
Aritri Chakravarty, Binod Kumar Behera and Tirtha Chatterjee


 No. 17: National Financial Inclusion Strategy (2019-2024): A Review 
Papaiah Koppula, Amit Nandan and Indrajeet Kumar, August, 2020.


No. 16: The Pandemic and the Plantations: Performance of The Plantations During The Covid19 Pandemic 
Vinoj Abraham and Mithesh Madhavan, July, 2020


No. 15: The Stimulus Package in Five Installments, Does it make the economy more self-reliant? 
Sunil Mani, Alok Sheel, R Nagaraj, Sukhpal Singh, P. S. Vijayshankar, S. IrudayaRajan, M. Parameswaran, P. L. Beena, Chidambaran G. Iyer


No.14: Human Development Report 2019 – A Review
Shraddha Jain, Thiagu Ranganathan, Amartya Paul, Ritika Jain, June 2020


No.13: India’s Role in frugal Innovations in Health-related Technologies to Deal with COVID- 19 Opportunities and Constraints.
Sunil Mani


No. 12: Dimensions of Indian Economy As seen through the Economic Survey 2019-20 and the Union Budget 2020-21
M Parameswaran, Thiagu Ranganathan, Sunil Mani, Sudip Chaudhuri, Manikantha Nataraj, Tirtha Chatterjee, Ritika Jain, March, 2020.


No.11: World Development Report 2020: Trading for Development in the Age of Global Value Chains
Rajkumar Byahut, Sourish Dutta, Chidambaran G. Iyer, Manikantha Nataraj, March 2020


No.10: Are Medicine Prices High and Unaffordable after TRIPS? Evidence from Pharmaceutical Industry in India
Sudip Chaudhuri, December 2019


No.9: Dimensions of India’s Economy: As seen through the Economic Survey 2018-19 and the Union Budget 2019-20
K.P. Kannan, P.L. Beena, M. Parameswaran, Vinoj Abraham, G. Murugan, Udaya Shankar Mishra, Hrushikesh Mallick, Sunil Mani, August 2019


No.8: SWATCH BHARAT – 2019: Will Rural India be ODF/SWATCH?
Murugan, May 2019


No.7: Gender–Based Ctber Violence against Women in Kerala: Insights from Recent Research
Devika, May 2019


No.6: Monetary Policy Journey ti Inflation Targeting
Manmohan Agarwal and Irfan Ahmed Shah, April 2019


No.5: Industrial Investment Intention and Implementation in India: Broad Trends and Patterns at the State-level
Ritika Jain, March 2019


No.4: Prorectionism: US Tariff Policy and India’s Response
Part I: Manmohan Agarwal, Part II: Sunandan Ghosh, December 2018


No.3: An Uncertain Shift from ‘Protectionism’ to ‘Empowerment’? Probing the Decision by NORKA to Recriut Women Domestic Workers for Kuwait
Praveena Kodoth, November 2018


No.2: Dimensions of India’s Intellectual Property Rights System. How many Patents are Commercially Exploited in Inda?
Sunil Mani, May 2018


No.1: Dimensions of India’s Economy: As seen through the Economic Survey 2017-18 and the Union Budget 2018-19
Manmohan Agarwal, Sunandan Ghosh, M. Parameswaran, Ritika Jain, P. Seenath, Hrushikesh Mallick, Vinoj Abraham, Udaya Shankar Mishra, Sunil Mani, P.L. Beena, March 2018.