The K N Raj Fellowship Programme

1.Teaching Innovations Programme in Economics (TIPE)

In order to perpetuate the memory of Professor K.N. Raj, the Centre has instituted a K.N. Raj Training and Fellowship Programme which aims to improve the curriculum and teaching of Economics in Colleges and University Departments across India, especially Kerala.

The Teaching Innovations Programme in Economics (TIPE) is in response to a felt need to improve the quality of economics education at the undergraduate and graduate level. TIPE aims to strengthen the economics education by providing a week long intensive training on specific basic courses.

2.Fellowship for Promising Teachers (FPT)

Under the Fellowship for Promising Teachers (FPT) programme, best performers in the TIPE can avail a fellowship of Rs 50000, of which Rs 25000 is for purchasing books. The fellowship requires the awardee to spend at least 30 days at CDS for preparing teaching materials and these 30 days may be spread over a period of one year. During the 30 days of visit, the awardee is eligible for rent free accommodation and boarding at CDS guest house/hostel. Further, during the term of the fellowship the awardee will have access to both library and computing resources at CDS and, if she or he so chooses, may be mentored by one of the CDS faculty. Further, subject to availability, the awardees will also be provided with office space.

3. College Mentoring Programme (CMP)

Under the college mentoring programme CDS has adopted  the Department of Economics, Faculty of Social Sciences of Government College Nedumngad, Trivandrum.

CDS had decided to mentor the Department of Economics of the college to enable the faculty and students of the department to further improve their knowledge and understanding of economic theory and its application to selected economic problems of the country and indeed the region. The project has been dovetailed into the K N Raj Training and Fellowship programme at the Centre, which aims at improving the quality of teaching of Economics especially at the undergraduate level in Kerala state.

The mentorship which has been active from April 1, 2019 and will be for a period of three years with an annual review programme.