Dissertation Studies: Integrated MPhil/PhD Programme 2018-2020

Sl No. Name of Student Dissertation Topics
1 Aishwarya Prakash Impact of Association with Farmer Producer Companies on Livelihood and Life Circumstances of Farmers: A Case study Approach
2 Annesha Mukherjee Revisiting urbanisation in india: examining mobility and quality across size classes


3 Ashraful Khalq Nexus between Decentralization and Economic Growth: Evidence from Indian States
4 Basit Abdullah An analysis of Labour Market and Unemployment among Youth in India


5 Rahul Kamal A Comparative impact assessment of State-wise schemes for Girl child welfare in India
6 Rajalaxmi Singh Financial Inclusion, ICT and Economic Growth in Indian States
7 Sabeer V. C. Deglobalisation at Global and Revival of non-market reliance at Local: A Regional Perspective from Kerala in the Context of Return Emigration


8 Satyaki Dasgupta Labour Market Fragmentation and Surplus Extraction: The Indian Case
9 Suaid Ahmad Rather Impact of Oil Price Shocks on Indian Industries
10 Swathi Krishna K.U. Impact and determinants of out of pocket health care expenditure in Kerala
11 Vishnu K. Venugopal Casualisation of Academic Labour in Kerala: A Case Study of Teachers in Arts and Science Colleges.
12 Vishnu Ravi Changes in Occupational Structure and Response of Different Groups: Study on Vizhinjam village.

Dissertation Studies: Integrated MPhil/PhD Programme 2019-2021

Sl No. Name of Student Dissertation Topics
1 Bhagat Umesh Rambhau Demand Conundrum in the Indian Economy: Empirical Evidences from Indian States
2 Rahul Ranjan Financial environment and Fiscal Policy under Flexible Inflation Targeting in India
3 Sam Benny Impact of Free Trade Agreements on the Vegetable Oil sector in India: A Study of few Issues
4 Shbubham Kumar Sehgal Agricultural credit and poverty in India.
5 Subal Danta Role of ICT in Food Processing Industries in India:     Evidence from India
6 Tirunagari Likhitha Irrigation and Farm Profitability in Indian agriculture