Prof. Ravi Kanbur

Home Institution:Cornell University

Areas of specialisation: Development Economics

Prof. Krishnendu Ghosh Dastidar

Home Institution: JNU, New Delhi

Areas of specialisation: Game Theory

Prof. Frances Stewart

Home Institution: Oxford University

Areas of specialisation: Development Economics

Prof.R. Nagaraj

Home Institution: IGIDR

Areas of specialisation: Indian Economy

Prof. Sudip Chaudhury 

Home Institution: IIM – Kolkata

Areas of specialisation: Macroeconomics/Industrial Economy of India

Prof. Tirthankar Roy

Home Institution:London School of Economics and Political Science

Areas of specialisation: Economics History

Prof. Sebastian Morris

Home Institution: IIM, Ahmedabad

Areas of specialisation: Infrastructure Financing/ Applied Macroeconomics/ Indian Economy

Dr.Dilip K  Dutta

Home Institution: University of Sydney

Areas of specialisation: Econometrics, Macro Economics

Prof. Madhura Swaminathan

Home Institution: ISI, Bangalore Centre

Areas of specialisation: Agriculture Economics

Mr. R Mohan 

Home Institution: Indian Revenue Service (Retd)

Areas of specialisation: Public Finance

Dr. K. Ravi Raman 

Home Institution: Kerala State Planning Board

Areas of specialisation: Political Economy

Prof. Pulapre Balakrishnan

Home Institution: Ashoka University, Haryana
IIM – Kozhikode

Areas of specialisation: Applied Macroeconomics

Prof. Sukhpal Singh

Home Institution: IIM, Ahmedabad

Areas of specialisation: Agriculture Economics

Prof. James Nedumpara

Home Institution: Centre for International Trade and Investment Law (CTIL) at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), New Delhi

Areas of specialisation: Trade & Investment Agreements

Prof. Sujoy Chakravarty

Home Institution: JNU, New Delhi

Areas of specialisation: Microeconomics / Behavioural economics

Prof. Thankom Arun

Home Institution:University of Essex

Areas of specialisation:  Global Development and Development Finance

Prof. T V Paul

Home Institution:McGill University

Areas of specialisation:  Political Science/International Relations

Prof. A V Jose

Home Institution: Former Economist, ILO and Honorary Faculty, GIFT, Trivandrum

Areas of specialisation: Social and Labour Policies, Social Protection

Dr. Aparna Nair

Home Institution: University of Oklahoma

Areas of specialisation:  Disability Studies & History of Public Health

Dr Suraj Jacob

Home Institution: Azim Premji –Bangalore

Areas of specialisation: Project Evaluation