The K.N.Raj Library is a foremost development studies research library in the country. It has a rich collection of books, journals, publications of other research institutes (national and international) and government publications. The library collection has over one lakh fifty one thousand titles covering development studies, economics, sociology, demography, statistics, history, political science, education and other allied subjects.

Physical Structure

The library is housed in two stately towers conceived and built by world- renowned architect Laurie Baker. The stately seven storied circular tower that partly houses the Library is the tallest building in the campus was completed in early 1970s. An additional block – a replica of the old tower in design with four floors and an attic floor connecting the seven storied tower was built in late 2000s and they together house the K.N. Raj Library.


The K.N. Raj Library has an impressive collection of books, professional journals, working papers, documents on palm leaf, microform documents, maps and digital databases on various branches of social sciences and development studies. It has a rich holding of working papers brought out by institutions in India and abroad, international bodies and other special agencies. It also has the collection of various government statistical publications, Census reports and the complete run of Census of India Volumes (1872-2011).
The K.N. Raj Library is equally strong in its journals collection and they include valuable old journals like Economic Journal from the year 1891. The library provides information from on-line journals, electronic databases, internet resources and CDs/DVDs. The Library has online access to the e-journal database EconLit with full-text, JSTOR, Oxford Journals – Social Science, Project MUSE – Social Science, Science Direct – Economics, Econometrics and Finance, and Wiley Online journals.
The library collection as on 31st March 2023:
Current Journals (print)
Journal Bound Volumes
Working Papers
The prominent statistical databases available in the Library are Annual Survey of Industries (ASI) Data, Census Data, CMIE Consumer Pyramids, CMIE ProwessIQ, Derwent Innovation, EMIS Professional – India, EPW-RF India Time Series, IMF Data (BPS, DTS & IFS), IndiaStat, NSSO unit level data, RBI – DBIE, UN Comtrade and Venture Intelligence. The bibliographical databases DELNET and ISID Database are also available.

Special Collections

The K.N.Raj Library is endowed with a number of special collections donated by the family and friends and several noted economists and social scientists such as:
  • Nicholas Kaldor (1908 – 1986),
  • Joan Robinson (1903 – 1983),
  • K.N. Raj. (1924 – 2010),
  • Sanjaya Lall (1940 – 2005),
  • B.G. Kumar (1958 – 1993),
  • Devaki Jain (b.1933 -) and
  • Robin Jeffrey.
The Library also possesses a rich collection of rare books received from Thripunithura Palace Library, and a set of printed documents, manuscripts and palm leaf documents from the Raja of Kollemcode.
For more details about Special collection check here .

Access to the Resources

The operations of the Library are automated with the collections bar coded. The metada of the collections can be accessed using ‘KOHA’ software. The catalogue is available Online. Searches can be made by author, title, subject, class number, publisher, or by Boolean search. The newly accessed books are displayed at the circulation area for a week.

Other Services

  • Internet Access (wireless) for members.
  • Contents page service provides a regular update of the contents of journals received. The content pages and abstracts of articles of a select list of journals that are not subscribed are downloaded from the internet and captured in the library blog.
  • Selective dissemination of information includes bibliographies on a variety of subjects and literature search services upon request. These are being made available as hard copies and also on CD-ROM’s. If they have wide readership, they are posted at the Centre’s website
  • Current awareness service provides brief and timely inputs by way of information on important events and issues, which will be of topical interest. These regularly posted on the library blog.
  • Accession list updates are posted at the website and also available in hard copy.
  • An online service in the form of a blog, named “Content Alerts”, provides links to prominent Social Science web-sites, RSS feeds of journal, newspapers, statistical databases etc. Current information relevant to the users are harvested from internet and provided as posts in the blog with URL of full-text of the resource wherever available. The service is available to all users through the internet domain
  • Photocopying facilities.
  • Inter-Library Loans are arranged for faculty, staff and students of the Centre.

Staff and Management

The K.N. Raj Library is headed by the Chief Librarian supported by a team of professionals and administrative staff. The CDS Library Committee, composed of representatives from faculty, library staff and the students formulates the overall policy and management directions for the Library. The Director, Chief Librarian and the Registrar are ex-officio members. A member of the faculty chairs the Committee.


The K.N. Raj Library is basically intended for the use of the faculty and students of the Centre. However, with such a vast knowledge resource, the policy has always been to share it with others. The Library grants membership to CDS alumni, government officials, development professionals, social activists, scholars, teachers and researchers and other book lovers apart from institutions. A large number of researchers from India and abroad regularly visit the library and they are granted reference membership for one year. Those desirous of taking membership may contact the Chief Librarian.

Timings and Book Borrowing

The Library is open from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Library materials can be borrowed against non-transferable card; for varying periods of time depending on the nature of the document and the type of membership held by the borrower.

Accommodation Facilities

The Guest House and hostel rooms on campus are available for researchers making short stays for consulting the library. Rooms are required to be reserved in advance. For more details please contact the Chief Librarian.


The Chief Librarian
K.N. Raj Library
Centre for Development Studies
Prasanth Nagar, Ulloor
Thiruvananthapuram – 695011. Kerala, India
Tel: +91-471-2774260, 2774200

Special Collections