Ritika Jain

Assistant Professor

Email: ritika@cds.edu

Areas of specialisation: Politics and development, Industry and trade, Innovation and technology, Labour, employment and social security


  1. PhD in Development Studies from Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai, 2016
  2. MSc in Economics from Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research, Mumbai, 2009
  3. BSc in Economics from University of Calcutta, Kolkata, 2007
Academic/ Professional Experience
  1. Assistant Professor at Centre for Development Studies, April, 2015 onwards
  2. Business Analyst, Genpact India, Bengaluru (2009-2010)

Academic achievements

  • Best paper award (second position) at the SEBI-NISM Research Conference on “Behaviour of Securities Markets- Sighting of Black Swan”- 2021



Chapters in Books

(a)”Price dispersion in Indian online market: Seller vs. product effects ” (with Anupama John), Accepted in “Contemporary issues in econometrics: Theory and application”  edited by Professor Anil K bera (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) and Dr. SrikantaKundu (Centre for Development Studies), Springer International

(b) “Is Disinvestment Detrimental to Employment? Firm Level Evidence from Indian Central Public Sector Enterprises” (single authored), In Manmohan Agarwal, Jing Wang and John Whalley (Eds.) Economics of China and India, Cooperation and Conflict, World Scientific, Singapore


Journal Articles

  1. Is R&D spending influenced by disinvestment and local political corruption? The case of Indian central public sector enterprises, (single authored) Economic Systems
  2. “Privatisation and the Indian state”, (single authored), Economic and Political Weekly
  3.  “Effect of ICT adoption on the demand for female employment in India”, (single authored) The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy 
  4.  “Effect of innovation on corporate social responsibility: does ownership matter? Evidence from Indian manufacturing firms”, Economics of Innovation and New Technology (Ritika Jain and Krishnapriya V.S.)
  5.  “Privatisation and the Voluntary Retirement Scheme” Economic and Political Weekly (Vinoj Abraham and Ritika Jain)
  6.  “Electricity prices and firms’ decisions and outcomes: The case of India after a decade of the Electricity Act” Energy Economics (Ritika Jain and Amit Nandan)
  7. “Bribery and firm performance in India: a political economy perspective” (single authored), Journal of Asian Economics 
  8. “Effect of Electricity Act on Tariff Gap within the subsidizing sector: The case of India”, Energy Policy (Ritika Jain and Amit Nandan)
  9. “Ownership effects on R&D spending in India: does external borrowing matter?”,International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development (single authored)
  10. “Contributions to the exchequer funds by state level public sector enterprises: does political alignment matter?”,Constitutional Political Economy (single authored)
  11. “An empirical analysis of disinvestment policy in India- does ideology matter?”,Journal of Economic Policy Reform (Ritika Jain and Shubhro Sarkar)
  12. “The impact of ideology on disinvestment decisions of a coalition: A game theoretic framework”, Public Finance Review (Ritika Jain and ShubhroSrakar)
  13. “To profit or not to profit? the case of state level public sector enterprises in India”, Keio economic studies (single authored)
  14. “Public sector enterprise disinvestment in India: efficiency gains in a political context”, Journal of Asian Economics (single authored) (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1049007817300611)
  15. “Is Demonetisation a Windfall for the banking sector? Evidence from the Indian stock market”, Economics Bulletin (single authored)
  16. “Influence of Political Alignment and Federal Structure on Public Sector Employment: The case of India”, Economics Bulletin (single authored)
  17. “Mixed duopoly, cross-ownership and partial privatization”, Journal of Economics (Ritika Jain and Rupayan Pal)

 Other Publications

 (a) “Dimensions of India’s Economy- As seen through the Economic Survey 2019-20 and the Union Budget 2020-21”, Commentary on India’s economy and society series (M Parameswaran, ThiaguRanganathan, Sunil Mani, Sudip Chaudhuri, ManikanthaNataraj, Tirtha Chatterjee, Ritika Jain).

(b) “Dimensions of India’s Economy- As seen through the Economic Survey 2017-18 and the Union Budget 2018-19”, Commentary on India’s economy and society series (Manmohan Agarwal, Sunandan Ghosh, M Parameswaran, Ritika Jain, P Seenath, HrushikeshMallick, Vinoj Abraham, Udaya S Mishra, Sunil Mani and P L Beena).

(c) “Industrial investment intention and implementation in India: broad trends and patterns at the state level”, Commentary on India’s economy and society series (single authored)

(d) “Cephalometric analysis for gender determination using maxillary sinus index: a novel dimension in personal identification”, International journal of dentistry (Tanya Khaitan, ArpitaKabiraj, UdayGinjupally, Ritika Jain)

(e) “Determination of Serum IgE and Eosinophils as a Diagnostic Indicator in Allergic Rhinitis”, Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery (Manuprita Sharma, Tanya Khaitan, Santosh Raman, Ritika Jain, ArpitaKabiraj)

(f) “Skin Prick Test in Educating Population of Rural Part of Eastern India and Promoting Health in Allergic Rhinitis: An Epidemiological Study”, Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head & Neck (Manuprita Sharma, Tanya Khaitan, Ritika Jain)


Newspaper and other forums

(a) Is Covid-19 equally deadly across all states, Ideas for India, 2020, April 28 (Ritika Jain and Tirtha Chatterjee)

(b) Impact of disinvestment policy on public sector enterprises in India, Ideas for India, 2017, June 12 (single authored)

(c) Demonetisation and Economic Activity: Understanding the Reaction of India’s Stock Markets, The Wire, November, 29, 2016 (single authored)

 Current Research 

  1. Dividends of public sector enterprises and political determinants
  2. Job reservations and performance of public sector enterprises (with Vinoj Abraham)
  3. Effect of COVID-19 lockdown on firm performance (with Rajnish Kumar)
  4. COVID-19 deaths in India (with Tirtha Chatterjee)
  5. COVID-19 policy actions and political factors (with Tirtha Chatterjee)
  6. Effect of gender diversity on firm performance in India
  7. Effect of maternal schemes on fertility outcomes (with Tirtha Chatterjee)

Current Teaching

Microeconomics and Industrial Organization