Rajit Biswas

Assistant professor

Email: rajit@cds.edu

Areas of specialisation: Industry and Trade


  1. Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in Economics at IIM Calcutta, from August, 2015 to August 2016
  2. PhD. in Quantitative Economics in 2015 from Economic Research Unit, Indian Statistical Institute
  3. Post – Graduation in Economics with specialization in International Economics from University of Calcutta in 2009 (First Class).
  4. Graduation with Honours in Economics from Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandira, University of Calcutta in 2007 (First Class).


  1. August, 2016- present: Assistant Professor, Centre For Development Studies.
  2. August, 2015- August 2016: Post Doctoral Research Fellow, Economics Group, Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

Academic Achievements:

1—Junior Research Fellowship, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata in 2009

2–Ramgopal-BimalaAgarwala Medal for highest marks at the University of Calcutta FinalExamination 2007, in Economics Honours


Journal Articles

  1. “Technology licensing under product differentiation” with Dr Neelanjan Sen and Ms Saumya Kaul in Journal of Economics (accepted June 2021)
  2. “Taxes and Unemployment”, (with MsVandana T. R.), International Journal of Economic Theory (accepted 28thNovember, 2020, forthcoming).
  3. “Tariffs, efficiency wages and unemployment”, (with Mr Kumar Shubham), Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, Volume 18, December 2018.
  4. “Political Regime Change and State Performance”, (with Dr DebojyotiMazumder), Review of Economics and Institutions, Volume-8, No.1, Spring 2017.
  5. “Indirect taxes in oligopoly in presence of licensing opportunities” with Dr Neelanjan Sen, in Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, Springer NewYork, Volume 17, March 2016.
  6. “Trade Negotiations under Alternative Bargaining Structure” (November 2015) with Neelanjan Sen, Economics & Politics, John Wiley & Sons Ltd., Vol. 27, No. 3, pp. 509-523.
  7. “Innovation and labour mobility” (November 2015), Journal of Economics, Springer Verlag, Vol.116, No. 3, pp. 229-246.
  8. “Tariffs that may fail to protect: A model of trade and public goods” (June 2015), EconomicsBulletin, Access Econ, Vol. 35, No. 1, 361-370.
  9. “Capital inflow, import volume and immiserizing growth” (2013), Keio Economic Studies,Keio Economic Society, Vol. 49, pp. 31-44.

Current Research

  1. “Metzler Paradox and home market effects in presence of internationally mobile capital and non-traded goods”
  2. ‘’Political Nepotism in Frictional Labour market” with Dr DebojyotiMazumder.
  3. ‘’Efficiency of indirect taxes in oligopoly in the presence of fixed costs of production” withDr Neelanjan Sen
  4. ‘’Welfare costs of tariffs with firm heterogeneity”

Current Teaching

  1. AE 203 Topics in Trade and Development
  2. AE 107 International Economics
  3. AE 101 Fundamentals of Microeconomic Theory
  4. Certificate Course on Advanced Economic Theory