Vinoj Abraham


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Area of specialisation: Labour Economics, Gender and Development, Economics of Technology and Innovation, Development Economics, Regional Development, Plantation studies

Educational Qualification

  • Awarded PhD, CSRD, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, in February, 2006
  • M.Phil in Economics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi during the period 1998-2000.
  • M.S. in Development Economics, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry during the period 1993-1995

Previous Experience

  • Associate Professor  at Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum, Kerala from March, 2015 ( at 37400 scale, GP 9000)
  • Associate Professor  at Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum, Kerala from 2012-February 2015 ( at 15600 scale, GP 9000)
  • Assistant Professor at Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum, Kerala from  February, 2006 to March, 2012
  • Assistant Professor at the Institute for Studies in Industrial Development, New Delhi from October 2005 to January 2006.

Academic Assignments/Teaching/Supervision


  • Regional Perspectives in Indian Economy, a compulsory course for M.Phil students at CDS. This course was carried out during the period 2006 to 2013
  • Labour, Employment and Development, an optional course for Mphil students at CDS. teaching this course from 2006 till date.
  • Field Survey for the M.Phil Students( 2013-15 batch only).
  •  Labour and Development, an optional course for M.A students at CDS.
  •  Economic Development a compulsory  course for M.Phil Students at CDS.
  •  Labour Market and Institutions in India, an optional course for  M.Phil Students at CDS


 MA projects : completed – 10

 M.Phil dissertations: completed and awarded -25 (joint-20, sole -5)

                                    Completed and submitted for evaluation- 2(joint 1, sole 1)

                                    Ongoing- 3 (joint 2, sole 1)

PhD thesis : completed and awarded -5 (joint -5)

                                    Ongoing-5 (joint 3, sole 2)



“Labour Regulation and Its Impact:  A Review of Studies and Documents: Labour Regulation in Indian Industry -Series 3” (co-author with T.S.Papola and G.S.Mehta) published by ISID and Bookwell Publishers, 2008

“Punjab Agriculture at the Crossroads” (co-authored with Om Kamra) , published by Jawahar Book Centre, New Delhi;  2004

“Industrialization, Economic Reforms and Regional Development: Essays in honour of Professor Ashok K. Mathur” (co-editor with S. K.Thorat and Jaya PrakashPradhan ), published by Shipra Publications , New Delhi;2005

Published Articles

 Abraham, Vinoj(2019) “ Jobless growth through the lens of structural transformation”, Indian Growth and Development Review, (forthcoming)

Sasikumar, S.K & Abraham, Vinoj.(2018)  Towards Enhancing The Effectiveness Of Minimum Wage Systems: The Wage Protection System In Kerala, Labour and Development,  Vol 25, No. 2, December

Abraham, V. & Sasikumar, S.K.(2018)  Labour Market Institutions and New Technology: The Case of Employment Service in India,  Ind. J. Labour Econ. (2018) 61: 453.

Abraham Vinoj and Sasikumar S K (2018) Wage Policy and labour market outcome in Kerala   ILO Asia-Pacific Working Paper Series,

Abraham, Vinoj (2017)“Stagnant Employment Growth: Last Three Years May Have Been the Worst”  Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 52, Issue No. 38, 23 Sep, 2017

Abraham Vinoj and Sasikumar S K (2017  ) Declining Wage Share in India’s Organised Manufacturing Sector: Trends, Patterns and Determinants”  ILO Asia-Pacific Working Paper Series,  DWT for South Asia and Country Office for India

Andres, Luis Alberto; Dasgupta, Basab; Joseph, George; Abraham, Vinoj; Correia, Maria C (  2017). Precarious drop : reassessing patterns of female labor force participation in India. Policy Research working paper; no. WPS 8024. Washington, D.C. : World Bank Group.

Abraham Vinoj and Sasikumar S K (2017) Global Study on Good Practices in Using Partnerships for Effective and Efficient Delivery of Employment Services and Active Labour Market Policies: The Case of India, 21 December,EMPLOYMENT Working Paper No. 233, ILO, Geneva

Haldar, Tanushree and Vinoj Abraham (2015) “Development, Displacement and Labour Market Marginalization: The case of Jharkhand Tribal population” , Social Change vol 45, No.1, March

Abraham, Vinoj and Devika J (2014) “Poverty and Women’s Livelihood in Kerala:A Comparison of Two Sites”, Labour and Development, Vol 21 No.2 December.

Abraham, Vinoj (2013),Missing Labour or Consistent Defiminisation?” Economic and Political Weekly, August 3rd, volXLVIII no 31.

Abraham, Vinoj (2012), The Deteriorating Labour Market Conditions and Crime: An Analysis of Indian States During 2001-2008,Millennial Asia, July-Dec,Vol 3 No: 2

Singh Jatinder;  K J Joseph and Vinoj Abraham (2011) “Inward Investment and Market Structure in an Open Developing Economy: A Case of India’s Manufacturing Sector” (2011) , with, The Indian Journal of Economics, July   Vol 92, No. 365

Abraham, Vinoj (2011) “Internationalization of India’s Information Technology Sector and Its Implications on Market Structure”, Transnational Corporations Review:TNCR Volume 3 Number 2  June 2011

 Abraham, Vinoj and S.K. Sasikumar (2011) Labour costs and Export Behaviour: The case of Textile and Garments Industry in India,Economics, Management, & Financial Markets (EMFM,) Volume 6(1)

Uma, Vinoj Abraham and K.J.Joseph (2010),Impact of Trade Liberalisation on Employment:The Experience Of India’s Manufacturing Industries, Indian Journal of Labour Economics issue 4.

 Joseph, K.J. and Vinoj Abraham (2009), University-Industry Interactions and Innovation in India: Patterns, Determinants, and Effects in Select Industries, , Seoul Journal of Economics Vol. 22, No. 4 (Winter)

 Abraham, Vinoj (2009), Rural Employment Growth in India: Distress Driven? Economic and Political Weekly, April 18, volXLIV no 16.

Abraham, Vinoj (2007), Growth and Inequality of Wages in India: Recent Trends and Patterns” in Indian Journal of Labour Economics, Vol 50, No. 4, December

Abraham, Vinoj (2007) Employee Attrition in Indian Software Industry: Patterns and Proximate Factors, Labour and Development, Vol 12 No.2 and Vol13, No.1, June.

Sharma, R.K. and Vinoj Abraham (2005), The Growth of Services Sector Employment and Income in India: A Regional Analysis, Indian Economic Journal, Vol. 53 , No.3.

 Abraham,Vinoj and R.K.Sharma(2005), New Technology and the Emerging Labour Market:A Study of Indian IT Industry,Indian Journal of Labour Economics,Vol. 48, No.4.

Pradhan, Jaya Prakash and Vinoj Abraham (2005) “Social and Cultural Impact of Outsourcing: Emerging Issues from Indian Call Centers”,  Harvard Asia Quarterly, Summer

Sharma, R.K. and Vinoj Abraham (2004),  Labour Productivity in the Indian Unorganised Service Sector: Measurement Issues, Patterns and Determinants”, Indian Journal of Labour Economics ,Vol. 47 , No.4, 2004

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Pradhan, Jaya Prakash and Vinoj Abraham (2004) “Internationalization of Production By a Developing Country Enterprise: Explaining Trans-Border Growth of NIIT Ltd”Journal of Asian Business , Vol 20. No.2 2004

 Pradhan, Jaya Prakash and Vinoj Abraham (2005) “Overseas Mergers and Acquisitions by Indian Enterprises: Patterns and Motivations”, Indian Journal of Economics, No. 338, January 2005.

Published Chapter in books

Abraham, Vinoj (2019)” Dynamic nature of jobless growth in India’, an edited volume by Shyam Sundar,  Globalization, Labour Market Institutions, Processes and Policies in India: Essays in Honour of Lalit K. Deshpande, palgrave macmillan,

Abraham, Vinoj (2018) “MGNREGS: Political Economy, Local Governance and Asset Creation in South Indian States”, in an edited volume by Madhusudan Bhattarai, P.K. Viswanathan ,Rudra N. Mishra, Cynthia Bantilan titled MGNREGS in India

Abraham, Vinoj ( 2017) “Wages and Earnings of Social and Religious Groups in India: Data Sources, Scope, Limitations and Suggestions.” in the volume “The Economies of China and India: Cooperation and Conflict Volume 3: Economic Growth, Employment and Inclusivity: The International Environment “ Edited by ManMohanAgarwal and John Whalley, World Scientific, Singapore

Amit Shovon Ray; M. Parameswaran; Manmohan Agarwal; Sunandan Ghosh; Udaya S. Mishra; Upasak Das; Vinoj Abraham (2017)  “Quality of Social Science Research in India” in the volume Social Science Research in India:  Status, Issues, and Policies , edited by  Sukhadeo Thorat and Samar Verma, Oxford University Press, India

Abraham, Vinoj (2016) “Agrarian Distress and Rural Non-Farm Sector Employment in India” in the volume       on “Indian Agriculture Performance, growth and challenges. Essays in honour of Ramesh Kumar Sharma” edited by  Parmod Kumar and Mohanakumar, Routledge

Joseph, K J and Vinoj Abraham(2015), Industry University Interaction in Global InnovationNetworks: A study of India’s ICT Sector, in Innovation, Technology and  Economic Development: Essays in Honor of Robert Evenson, K.J. Joseph, D. Johnson and L. Singh , Routledge, New Delhi

Joseph, K.J, Lakhwinder Singh and Vinoj Abraham (2014)“Dealing with the Innovation-Inequality Conundrum: The Indian Experience”in edited volume by  Maria Clara Couto Soares ; Mario Scerri and RasiganMaharajh titled “Inequality and Development Challenges In BRICS” , Routledge, New Delhi and Routledge UK.

Narayana, D and Vinoj Abraham (2012) “Dubai Model and the Impact of the Financial Crisis on South Asian Migrant Workers in the United Arab Emirates” (2012), India Migration Report 2012 , Routledge

Abraham, Vinoj and S. IrudayaRajan (2012) “Global Financial Crisis and Return of South Asian Gulf Migrants: Patterns and Determinants of their integration to local labour markets” ,India Migration Report 2012, Routledge

Abraham, Vinoj ( 2005) “ICT and Labour Market in India: Present Structure and Issues for Further Research” in “Industrialization, Economic Reforms and Regional Development: Essays in honour of Professor Ashok K. Mathur”,Shipra Publications , New Delhi;2005

Pradhan, Jaya Prakash and Vinoj Abraham(2005) “Women’s Status and Economic Growth: Evidence from Indian States”   in “Industrialization, Economic Reforms and Regional Development: Essays in honour of Professor Ashok K. Mathur”Shipra Publications , New Delhi;

Joseph, K.J. and Vinoj Abraham (2005) “Moving up or Lagging Behind in Technology? Evidence from an Estimated Index of Technological Competence of India’s ICT Sector” ICTs and Indian Economic Development: Economy, Work, Regulation edited byAshwiniSaith and Vijayabhaskar, Sage Publications, 2005

Working Papers

“The case of the ‘missing middle’ in the Indian manufacturing sector: A firm-level analysis”, (co-authored with Sunandan Ghosh), (forthcoming working paper) .

“MGNREGS: Political Economy, Local Governance and Asset Creation in South India”, September 2016 , Working Paper No. 471

“Quality of Social Science Research in India” Centre for Development Studies, April 2016 , Working Paper No. 470( co-authored with A S Ray, M.Parameswaran, ManmohanAgarwal, SunandanGhosh, U S Mishra and Upasak Das)

‘Is it Missing Labour Force or De-feminization of Labour Force in India?”,  Centre for Development Studies, 2013 August, Working Paper No 452.

“Regional Skill Supplies and Location of Firms: The case of Information Technology Industry in India, 2010

The Effect of Information Technology on Wage Inequality: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Sector. September 2010: WP 437

“The Deteriorating Labour market Conditions and Crime: An analysis of Indian states during 2001-2008” forthcoming ( 2011) in edited volume titled Peace, Security and Economic Development In India edited by Lakhwinder Singh

 “Social Cost and Labour in the Indian Plantation Sector” Background technical paper prepared for the Report on “Structural Infirmities of Plantation Sector” by the National research Programme on Plantation Development, at Centre for Development Studies,  August 2010

“Role of Service Sector in India’s economic growth”, ( with K J Joseph and HrishikeshMallick )

 “Labour costs and Export Behaviour: The case of Textile and Garments Industry in India”, (with S.K.Sasikumar) Working paper MPRA paper ID No: 22784, May, 2010

“Rural Employment Growth in India: Distress Driven?: Working paper Series, 404 Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum, Kerala, August 2008

Information Technology and Productivity: Evidence from India’s Manufacturing Sector (with K.J.Joseph), Working paper Series 389, Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum, Kerala, September, 2007.

‘Attracting Export-Oriented FDI: Can India Win the Race?’ (With JayaprakashPradhan), GIDR Working Paper No. 156, April 2005.



  • Sanjay Thakur Award for Young Labour Economist for the year 2007 – for the best paper presented in the Indian Society of Labour Economics, 49th Annual Conference held at CESS, Hyderabad, during Dec15th to 17th .
  • Student Grant awarded by Sarai, Center for Study of Developing Societies, New Delhi in January 2003 for research/presentation on the theme  labouring in mega cities.
  • Awarded Partial Assistance for PhD by the Indian Council for Social Science Research, March,2004

Professional Activities

  • Ph.D Thesis evaluations for IGIDR, IGNOU, HCU, ISEC
  • M.Phil dissertation evaluations for Central University of Kerala,  Central University of Gujarat, JNU
  • Member, Research Advisory Committee, Kannur University
  • Member, Subject Expert for Economics for Ph.D, University of Calicut
  • Member, Board of Studies, School of Development Studies, Rajiv Gandhi National Institute for Youth Development-Deemed University, Sreeperumbudur, Tamil Nadu,
  • Member, working group on “Labour and Labour Welfare” of the State Planning Board constituted by Government of Kerala, 2016
  • Member, working group on “Migrant Labour” of the State Planning Board constituted by Government of Kerala, 2016
  • Member, panel of experts for preparation of study material for labour and employment for the course on Masters in Labour and Development, at IGNOU during 2015-16
  • Member, Evaluation team for Social Science Projects from 2017 for the Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi
  • Consultant, ILO, South Asia Office , New Delhi
  • Senior Consultant to the World Bank

Memberships in professional bodies

  • Member, Executive Committee of the Indian Society of Labour Economics
  • Life Member, Indian Society of Labour Economics
  • Life Member, Indian Economic Association
  • Life Member, GLOBELICS
  • Life Member, Forum for Global Knowledge Sharing

Editorial Assignments

  • Editor: CDS Chronicle
  • Editoral Member of the international journal “Innovation and Development” Routledge,
  • Associate Editor: Indian Economic Journal