J. Devika


Email: devika@cds.edu, devumol@gmail.com

Area of specialisation: History of, and present developments in, Gender, Politics, Development, and Culture in Kerala; the history of Migration and Cosmopolitanism in Kerala; local self- government in Kerala; translations and translation studies; Malayalam literature; contemporary politics.

Educational History

  • Pre-degree, University of Kerala (KU), second rank in KU.
  • BA (History), University of Kerala, first class, first rank in KU.
  • BA in Modern History (1991) Centre for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, first class.
  • UGC-NET fellowship in History, 1991.
  • PhD. in History (2003)  Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala.

Work History

  • Research Associate (Assistant Professor) at CDS : 2001-2008
  • Associate Professor at CDS: 2008-2018.
  • Professor at CDS since 2018.

Research Projects

  • ‘The Shaping of Public Consent for Artificial Birth-Control In Keralam 1930s -1970s’, funded by the Kerala Research Programme for Local-level Development, 2000.
  • ‘Gendering Governance or Governing Women? Gender, Politics and Patriarchy in Contemporary Kerala’, 2009. Lead researcher responsible for setting up the team and planning and conducting the research. Grant secured through the International Development Research Council, Canada’s Gender Unit Research Competition, 2006. One of the four awardees from South Asia.
  • ‘Gender Studies Reader in Malayalam’ (an experimental ‘bridge-book’ in Malayalam on the history of gender in Kerala), funded by the Sri Ratan Tata Trust, Mumbai and the Higher Education Cell, Centre for the Study of Culture and Society, Bangalore, 2009. Lead Consultant to this project.
  • ‘Self-help or Social transformation: Women in local governance in Kerala State, India, and South Africa’ –project in collaboration with NIBR, Oslo, and University of Witwatersrand, South Africa, 2012.
  • ‘Righting Gender Wrongs: A Study of Law Enforcement Responses to Online Violence Against Women’, with IT for Change, Bangalore, 2018.
  • ‘Persisting Pollution in Periyar: The Political Ecology of Industrialisation and Limits to Environmental Governance’, RULSG, CDS, 2017. With N C Narayanan and Chithira V.
  • ‘Local Government and Cronyism: A Study of the PallichalPanchayat, Thiruvananthapuram’, RULSG, CDS, 2019. With S Mohanakumar and Archana Ravi. (ongoing)
  • ‘Local Governments and the Politics of Post-Disaster Planning: A Case Study of the PuthenvelikkaraPanchayat’, RULSG, CDS, 2020. With Anamika A and Arathi MR. (ongoing)

Teaching and Supervision

  • Course301 in PhD Semester I, ‘Methodological Approaches in Socioeconomic Research’.
  • Co-teaching Course 303 in PhD Semester I, ‘Qualitative Research Methods’.
  • Economic History of India, Optional course, MA Semester III, 2015-19.
  • Currently supervising threePh.D candidates. Two PhDs have been submitted under my supervision. Supervised 8 MPhil dissertations.

Academic Visits

  • Centre for Social Medicine and Community Health, JNU, 2008;
  • Centre for Political Studies, JNU, 2011.
  • Centre for Town and Regional Planning, University of Sheffield, 2014.
  • Erasmus Mundus fellowship, University of Lund, Sweden, 2015.


  • Gurudarsana Award for best work on Malayalam culture for KulasthreeyumChanthappennumUndaayathengane?, 2014. Award instituted by the MethalaSreeNarayanaSamajam.
  • V Abdulla Award for best work of translation from Malayalam to English for Hangwoman, 2015. Instituted by V Abdulla Foundation.
  • Hangwoman , the English translation of K R Meera’s Malayalam novel Aarachaar, shortlisted for DSC Literary Prize, 2016.

Responsibilities on Campus

  • Was responsible for Green Campus initiatives; chairperson of the Campus Committee till July 2014. Have taken over as Chair of the Campus Committee from 1 Mar. 2017.
  • Was Chairperson of the Committee against gender and sexual harassment at CDS till July 2014.
  • Was editor of the CDS Chronicle since its inception in 2005 till 2011.
  • Currently in charge of the Research Unit on Local Self-Government, CDS.

Professional involvement outside CDS

  • Member, Editorial Board, Indian Journal of Gender Studies



This is a living memorial to Kerala’s first-generation feminists. It contains my English translations of their writing and speeches from early to mid-20th century, including fiction, critique, memory, speeches, interventions in legislative assemblies, autobiography, memoirs, excerpts from historical work and so on — and also excerpts from my own work and that of others on the present generation on gender in early modern Kerala, all in English. It has over a hundred translations (132, in the first week of Jan. 2021) and it updated every week with new material.


Books in English

  • Womanwriting =Manreading? Masculinist Literary Criticism and Women Writing in Twentieth Century Kerala, Zubaan- Penguin India, New Delhi, 2013.
  • (Jointly with Binitha V Thampi) New Lamps for Old? Gender Paradoxes of Political Decentralization in Kerala, Zubaan, New Delhi, 2012.
  • Individuals, Householders, Citizens: Malayalees and Family Planning, 1930s-1970′, Zubaan, New Delhi, 2008.
  • En-Gendering Individuals: The Language of Re-forming in Early 20th Century Keralam, Orient Longman, Hyderabad, 2007.

Books in Malayalam

  • PennorumbettaalLokanMaarunnu: LinganeethiyudeViplavangal, (The World Changed When Women Move: Gender-Revolutions), Thiruvananthapuram, Readme Books, 2017.
  • PauriyuteNottangal (Woman-Citizen’s Eye-view), Olive Books: Kozhikode, 2013.
  • KalpanayuteMaattoli: StreepurushabhedavumAadyakaalaStreerachanakalum 1898-1938, Kerala SastraSahityaParishat, Thrissur, 2011. [Malayalam version of Her-Self, published with Stree, Kolkata, in 2005]
  • ‘Kulastree’yuum ‘Chanthappennum’ Undaayathengane? AdhunikamalayalistreekaluteCharitrathinuOruAamugham [The Birth of the ‘well-born’ woman and the ‘market woman’: an introduction to the history of Malayalee women], CDS, Thiruvananthapuram, 2010.
  • (Ed.), AanarashunaatileKazhchakal: KeralamStreepakshaGaveshanattil (Sights from Male-dom: Kerala under Feminist Lenses), Women’s Imprint, Thiruvananthapuram, 2006.
  • Navasiddhantangal: Streevadam(New Theory Series: Feminism), D.C Books: Kottayam, Kerala, 2000.
  • NirantharaPrathipaksham: J DevikaudeLekhanangal 2004-2018 (Selected Essays in Malayalam), Kottayam: DC Books, forthcoming, 2021.


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Chapters in Books/Introductions

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Forthcoming journal articles/chapters/introductions

  • ‘The Kiss of Love Protests: A Report on Resistance to Abjection in Kerala’, in Pushpesh Kumar (ed), Sexuality, Abjection, and Queer Existence in Contemporary India, New Delhi, Routledge, forthcoming 2021.
  • ‘Neo-savarna Women for Aachaaram: The #ReadytoWait Campaign and the Sabarimala Agitation in Kerala’, forthcoming in Amrita Basu and TanikaSarkar (eds.), Indian Women and the Saffron Tide (tentative title), London: Bloomsbury, 2021.
  • ‘A Gendered History of the Neo-savarna in Twentieth Century Kerala’, in Yasser Arafath PK and NissimMannathukkaren (eds), Saffron In the South: Violence, Gender, Media and Hindutva in Kerala, Routledge India, forthcoming, 2021.
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  • ‘Critical Humanities in a Changing Subnational Culture: Reflections on/from the Present in Kerala’, BishnuMahapatra (ed.), World Humanities Report – South Asia, forthcoming 2021.

 Working Papers

  • ‘Modernity with Democracy? Gender and Governance in the People’s Planning Campaign, Keralam’, CDS Working Paper No. 368, February 2005.
  • ‘Imagining Women’s Space in Early Modern Keralam’, CDS Working Paper No. 329, April 2002.
  • ‘Family Planning as ‘Liberation’: The Ambiguities of ‘Emancipation from Biology’ in Keralam, CDS Working Paper No. 335, July 2002.
  • ‘Domesticating Malayalees: Family Planning, the Nation and Home-Centred Anxieties in Mid-20th Century Keralam’, CDS Working Paper No. 340, October 2002.
  • ‘A People United in Development: Developmentalism in Modern Malayali Identity’, CDS Working Paper No. 386, Jun 2007.
  • (Jointly with V J Varghese), ‘To Survive or Flourish?’ Minority Rights and Syrian Christian Community Assertion in 20th Century Kerala’, CDS Working Paper No. 427, March 2010.
  • ‘Land, Politics, Work and Home-Life in a City Slum: Reconstructing History from Oral Narratives’, WP No 454, CDS, August 2014.
  • ‘Land, Politics, Work and Home-life at Adimalathura: Towards a Local History’, WP No 455, CDS August
  • (with Jyothi Nair) ‘Kudumbashree and its Rivals: Reflections on Women’s Citizenship, Social Empowering Tribal Peoples, Deepening Democracy: An Advocacy Note for Strengthening Local Governments for the Effective Implementation of the Forest Rights Act in Kerala’, CDS-RULSG, 2019.
  • Gender-Based Cyber Violence against Women in Kerala: Insights from Recent Research’, CDS Commentary on Indian Economy and Society Series.
  • (with various authors) ‘Human-Diversity-Friendly Panchayats: A Lobby Note for the Inclusion of LGBTQI Rights and Demands into the Local Governance Framework in Kerala’, RULSG-CDS, 2017.
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  • (with various authors)‘Empowering Tribal Peoples, Deepening Democracy: An Advocacy Note for Strengthening Local Governments for the Effective Implementation of the Forest Rights Act in Kerala’, RULSG—CDS, 2019.
  • ‘Women and Gender Policy after the Deluge: Some Reflections.’ CDS Series, Building a New Kerala, Ideas and Reflections.
  • ‘New Foundations of the Mind: Rebuilding Intelligence in Post-Flood Kerala’. CDS Series,Building a New Kerala, Ideas and Reflections,
  • (with KK Eswaran) ‘Rehabilitation and Rebuilding: A Chance for a New Kerala Model’, CDS Series,Building a New Kerala, Ideas and Reflections,


From Malayalam to English

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From English to Malayalam

  • Samakaalika India: OruSamoohasastraavalokanam, KSSP: Thrissur, 2014. [Translation of SatishDeshpande’sContemporary India: A Sociological View]
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Forthcoming translations

  • Malabar Express and Other Stories by ShihabudeenPoithumkadavu, forthcoming in 2021, Amazon-Westland.

Select Seminar Papers/talks

  • Where is the love? Some Thoughts on Kamala Surayya’s Affective Politics’, RajyashreeKhushu-Lahiri Memorial Lecture, IIT Kanpur, 5 March 2019.
  • ‘Four Observations on the Savarna Disturbances around Sabarimala’, Mukta Salve Lecture, KrantijyothiSavitribhayiPhule WSC, Savitribhayi Pune University, 25 March 2019.
  • ‘The Bridge-book: An Experiment in Boundary-Crossing’, at the conference Liberal Education and the Future of the Humanities and Social Sciences in India, AzimPremji University, April 6-8, 2018.
  • ‘Women’s Labour, Gender Struggles, and Feminism: Reflections on the Glocal Present in Kerala’, Paper presented at the conference ‘Global Capital and Social Difference: Global Studies and Local Frames’, at JNU, organized by the Global Studies Programme, CSSS, 2-7 October 2016.
  • ‘Scattered Thoughts on Feminist Solidarities, Spaces of Belonging, and Intersectional Analysis for Troubled Times’, Paper presented at conference at conference ‘Women Speak the Nation: Identities and Intersectionalities’, School of Women’s Studies, JadavpurUniversity,Kolkata, 8-9April 2016.
  • ‘Developmental Citizenship and Gender in Contemporary India and Kerala’ (paper presented at the session Gendered Citizenship and Human Development: Issues and Challenges, at the International Conference on Gender Equality, Kovalam, Kerala, 13 November, 2015.
  • ‘Kafila: Politics, Academics, and the Media Interface’, Talk at Explorative Workshop, SASNET Media Project, University of Lund, Sweden,19-20 October 2015.
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Contributions to Textbooks

  • Essay in Mahatma Gandhi University’s Undergraduate second semester Malayalam textbook: ‘KeralathilRaanimaarUndaayirunno?, 2018.

Other writings

  • A number of articles on gender in the history of Kerala, on women authors in Malayalam, and on contemporary debates in gender, politics, development and culture in Kerala, in leading Malayalam publications including the Mathrubhumi, Bhashaposhini,Sastragathy, and Patabhedam, and online magazines like Navamalayali, some of which are available on issuu.com/jdevika
  • Political commentary on contemporary Kerala kafila.onlinesince 2007. A selection from these has been translated into Malayalam and published as a book.
  • Monthly column in the Hindu Business Line’s weekly magazine BLink on gender, development, culture, and politics in India since March 2016, called Mind the Gap, till March 2020.