Abhilash T

Assistant Professor

Email: abhilash@cds.ac.in

Area of specialisation: Politics and Development, Human Development Health and Education, Labour,, Employment and Social Security



Books: No

Chapters in Books

Political Articulations of Adivasis in Kerala (2020), in Handbook of Tribal Politics in India (eds), VirginusXaxa and Jagannath Ambagudia, New Delhi: Sage.

Journal Articles

Another wave of forest and Adivasi land alienation?  Revenue versus Forest Record of Rights and Adivasi Land question in Kerala During Covid 19 (2021), ArthaVijnana(Forthcoming) 

Adivasi Claims Over Sabarimala Highlight the Importance of Counter-narratives of Tradition,(2019), Economic and Political Weekly.

Ashram Schools: Need for a New Approach (2017), with Rajesh DinkarDanane, Economic and Political Weekly 52(49):24-26.

“Claiming Land; (Re)claiming Identity : ÃdivãsiGōtraMahã Sabha and the Indigenous Modernity in Highland Kēraļa (2013),ArthaVijnana, 55 (2):210-227.

“Anthropological Solution to a Socio-Economic Problem:A CriticalAnalysis of the Colonial Literature on Travancore Hill Tribes,” (2014),Social Action,  64 (4):397-407.

Other Publications

Scheduled Tribes and School Education: Analysis of a Household Survey in Mayurbhanj District of Odisha, (2020) with SusamaHansdah, CDS Working Paper Series 501.

Current Research

Higher Education and Scheduled Tribes in Kerala: A political economy perspective

Current Teaching

Political Economy of Development and Governance (MA)