26 July – 6 August 2021


The capacity building programme will engage with participants and provide them with intensive training on specific basic courses that form the core to teaching applied economics.

The course will do this by engaging in the content for teaching material, method of lecture delivery, and providing a teaching plan for a class. There will be an extra focus on delivering courses specifically through online mode of teaching. There will also be discussion on in-class activities that are possible in some of the topics and discussion related to evaluation in subjects while teaching a course.

Target Clientele

The programme welcomes Social Science teachers from colleges and university departments across India. The programme will have a strong orientation towards applied economics through faculty from other areas of social sciences and development studies could apply. Other things remaining the same, preference will be given to younger teachers.

Programme Structure

The course will have lectures across different modules which form the core to teaching applied economics. The course will consist of four modules that are core to teaching of applied economics:

Module 1: Microeconomics

Module 2: Macroeconomics

Module 3: Econometrics

Module 4: Issues in Indian Economy

Course Completion Certificate

Participants who successfully complete the programme will be given a course completion certificate.

Course Directors

Thiagu Ranganathan & P L Beena


Resource Persons

Prof. Sunil Mani

Prof. Praveena Kodoth

Prof. Irudaya Rajan

Prof. K N Harilal

Prof. Vinoj Abraham

Dr. M Parameswaran

Prof. K P Kannan

Prof. K J Joseph

Prof. Indira Devi

Prof. Manoj Panda

Prof. Mridul Eapen

Prof. Lekha Chakraborty

Prof. C Veeramani

Dr. Vijayamohan Pillai

Dr. Ravi Raman

Dr. Himanshu

Dr. Debajit Jha

Dr. P L Beena

Dr. Thiagu Ranganathan