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Seminar Series: 10

10 May 2024

Topic: Do Farmers Benefit from Joining Producer Collectives? The Case of Rubber Growers in Kerala

by Prof. Vinoj Abraham, CDS

Chair: Dr. Viswanath P K, Principal & HoS, School of Business, Amritha Viswa Vidyapeetham

Seminar Series: 09

12 April 2024

Topic: What ails the Rubber Producer Societies in Kerala? An institutional Exploration

by Prof. Vinoj Abraham, CDS

Chair: Prof. Mohanakumar S, Director, Public Policy Research Institute, Thiruvananthapuram

Webinar Series: 08

07 February 2024

Topic: Harvesting consent: South Asian tea plantation workers’ experience of fair-trade certification

by Dr. Karin Astrid Siegmann, Associate Professor, Labour & Gender Economics, International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam (ISS), The Hague, The Netherlands

Chair: Prof. K N Harilal

Webinar Series: 07

15 November 2023

Topic: Governance and Asymmetry in Global Value Chains of the Coffee Industry: Possibility for Catch-Up by Emerging Economies

by Prof. Keun Lee, Professor of Seoul National University

Chair: Prof. Veeramani C, Director CDS

Webinar Series: 06

26 September 2023

Topic: Crashed futures: a sociological investigation in to the failure of cardamom futures market

by Mr. Tony Kurian, PhD. Scholar, IIT Bombay

Chair: Dr. Abhilash T


Webinar Series: 05

03 June 2022

Topic: Value Chain Conundrum in the Indian Tea Economy: A Historical Perspective

by Thiagu Ranganathan, Tirtha Chatterjee and Rucha Takle

Moderator: Dr. K Ravi Raman, Expert Member, Kerala State Planning Board

Webinar Series: 04

18 February 2022

Topic: From global to local tea markets: the changing political economy of tea production within India

by Dr. Natalie Langford, Assistant Professor, Durham University, United Kingdom

Moderator: Dr. Thiagu Ranganathan, Associate Professor, CDS

Webinar Series: 03

21 December 2021

Topic:  Forecasting India’s Natural Rubber Price: Comparison of different univariate time series modeling

by Dr. Srikanta Kundu, Assistant Professor, CDS

Moderator: Dr. Hrushikesh Mallick, Associate Professor, CDS

Webinar Series: 02

29 October 2021

Topic: ‘Unfree’ Plantation Labour in Globalising India: Insights from a Field Survey in Assam

By Prof. Deepak K Mishra, CSRD, JNU

Moderator: Dr. Jayaseelan Raj, CDS


Webinar Series: 01

30 September 2021

Topic: Climate Change and Sustainable Production and Consumption of Natural Rubber in India: Introspect and Prospect

By Dr. Lekshmi Nair, Chief Economist at the International Rubber Study Group, Singapore

Moderator: Prof. Vinoj Abraham