1: Towards a New Paradigm for Plantation Development in India – An Analysis of the System of Production and Innovation from an Inclusive Growth Perspective
– K.J.Joseph

2: Impact of Asean-India Preferential Trade Agreement on Plantation Commodities –  A Simulation Analysis
– C.Veeramani, Gordhan.K.Saini

3: Coffee Conundrum : Whither the Future of Small Growers in India?
– C. Upendranath

4: Indiayile Thottam Mekhalayile Vikasanathinu Puthiyoru Pariprekshyam (Malayalam)
– K.J.Joseph

5: Trends in Farm Income and Wages in the Era of Market Uncertainty: An Exploratory Analysis of Natural Rubber Sector in Kerala
– Binni Chandy, Tharian George K, Shammi Raj

6:  Livelihood and Employment of Workers in Rubber and Spices Plantations
– D. Rajasenan

7 : Trade Performance and Transmission of Price Volatility- The Case of Indian Pepper
– Latha Bastine. C, Anil Kuruvila, Sandini. K.P

8: Trade Aspect of Plantation Sector of India
– B.H Nagoor

9: Commodity Markets and Computers – An Analysis of E- Auction in Cardamom Marketing from an Inclusive Innovation System Perspective
– K.J Joseph

10: Research and Development in Small Cardamom by ICRI: An Evaluation
– K.J Joseph

11: Employment Status and Human Development of Tea Plantation Workers in West Bengal
– Namrata Thapa

12: Competitive Structure of Plantation Commodity Exports: India’s Tea and Coffee Exports in a Comparative Perspective
– C. Veeramani

13: Commodity Price Instability Under Globalisation: A Study of India’s Plantation Crops
– M. Anoopkumar

14: Bringing in, Living in, Falling Out: Labour Market Transitions of Indian Plantation Sector, A Survey
– S. Sumitha

15: Small Growers and Coffee Marketing–Issues and Perspective from the Field
– C. Upendranadh & C. A. Subbaiah (Nanda)

16: Market Integration and Changing Direction of Trade: Case of India’s Trade in Tea
– B.H.Nagoor

17: Gender Impact of Trade Reforms in Indian Plantation Sector: An Exploratory Analysis
– P.K. Viswanathan & Amita Shah

18: Futures Trade, Price Discovery and Risk Mitigation in Plantation Crops: Some First Order Lessons from Natural Rubber and Black Pepper
– P. Vinod Kumar

19: Price Stabilisation Fund for Tea – Towards an Alternative Approach
– Tanmoy Chatterjee & J. John

20: Comparative Analysis of Existing Models of Small Tea Growers in Tea Value Chain in the Nilgiris
– Pallavi Mansingh & Liby T. Johnson

21: Assessing Risk and Risk Mitigation Strategies of Small Coffee Growers: A study of Kodagu District in Karnataka
– Deepika M. G. and Amalendu Jyotishi

22: Changing Land Utilisation Patterns in Tea Plantation Sector in West Bengal: Some Policy Imperatives
– Rinju Rasaily

23: Trends and Price Formation Mechanism in Indian Tea Auctions
– Kingshuk Sarkar

24: Impact of Futures Markets on Prices of Plantation Crops: The Indian Experience
– K.M. Shivakumar

25: Organizational Innovations and Small Tea Growers (STGs) in India
– Abdul Hannan

26: Plantation Labour Act 1951 and Social Cost – The Case of Tea Industry
– J. John and Pallavi Mansingh

27: Regional Dimensions of Emerging Labour Shortage in Rubber Plantation Sector in Kerala: an Exploratory Analysis
– P. K. Viswanathan

28: Towards a Sustainable System of Innovation: The Case of Plantation Sector in Kerala
– K.J. Joseph

29: Plantation Infrastructure and the Performance of Assam’s Tea Sector: An Analysis on the Smallholding Tea Plantation Sector
– Kalyan Das

30:Labour Shortage in Coffee Plantation Areas – Coping Strategies of Small Growers in Kodagu District
– C.Upendranadh and C. A. Subbaiah (Nanda)

31. Women’s Labour in the Tea Sector: Changing Trajectories and Emerging Challenges
– Rinju Rasaily

32. Plantations and Regional Development: Case of Cardamom Plantations in Kattappana, Kerala, India
– Anu Krishna

33. Regional Variations in the Performance of Black Pepper Cultivation in Kerala: an Exploration of Non Price Factors
– A Sajitha

34. Bypassing the Resource Curse: Case of Learning, Innovation and Competence Building in Natural Rubber, Kerala, India
– K. J. Joseph, Namrata Thapa and Olav Wicken

35. Changing Institutional Architecture and India’s Export Competitiveness in Tea
– Kingshuk Sarkar

36. Impact of Proposed eu-India FTA on Tea and Coffee: an Assessment
– B.H. Nagoor

37. Rubber Goods Industry (Non-Tyre Sector) in India under Globalisation
– S. Mohanakumar

38. Compatibility of Institutional Architecture for Rubber Plantation Development in North East India from a Comparative Perspective of Kerala
– P.K. Viswanathan and Indraneel Bhowmik

39. Issues in Certification and Mechanisation in Coffee Cultivation: Perspectives from Small Growers of Kodagu District
– C. Upendranadh, C. A. Subbaiah and P. Rajesh

40. Towards Evolving a More Effective R&D and Extension System in Tea: A Preliminary Exploration of North India
– K J Joseph and Namrata Thapa

41. Innovation and Development: The Case of Natural Rubber
– Study by the participants of the Training Programme on Innovation and Development Organised jointly with Rubber Board and Indialics

42. Wrong Means for the Right Ends?  Reflections on the Kasturirangan Working Group Report and Plausible Way Forward
– K J Joseph and D Narayana

43. Farmer Migration and Agrarian Transformation in Kerala: Impacts on the Local Economy, Society and the Agrarian Landscape in the Erstwhile Malabar Region
– P.K. Viswanathan

44. Environmental Consequences of Rubber Plantations in Kerala
– Srikumar Chattopadhyay

45. Export Performance and Factors Affecting Competitiveness of Plantation Commodities in India
– Deepika M G

46. Wages, Mobility and Labour Market Institutions in Tea Plantations: The Case of West Bengal and Assam
– Kingshuk Sarkar

47. Emerging Labour Relations in The Small Rubber Plantations of Tripura
– Indraneel Bhowmik and PK Viswanathan

48. Vulnerables in the Small Tea Grower Sector: Locating Ethnicity and Gender Interface in the STGs Value Chain in North Bengal
– Rinju Rasaily

49. Gender and the Plantation Sector: Explorations into the World of Women’s Work in Coffee Plantations of Kodagu District
– Saleela Patkar

50. Voluntary Sustainability Standards: Slow Uptake among the Small Producers of Coffee in Wayanad, Kerala
– D Narayana

51. Production Conditions of Spices in Northeast India: Cases of Ginger and Chilli
– Kalyan Das

52. Tea and Technology
– John Bosco Lourdusamy

53. Fair Trade as Civic Innovation? The Case of Tea Certification in India
– Karin Astrid Siegmann

54. The Future for Sustainable Coffee Production in India: Certified and Organic Coffee
– P G Chengappa, Devika C M, Arun Muniyappa and Pradeepa Babu B N

55. Cost and Returns of Natural Rubber Production in Kerala
– K J Joseph and C E Ajith Kumar

56. Global Integration and Sustainability of NR Production in India
– S. Mohanakumar and Kirandeep Kaur

57. Organic Farming in Spices: The Case of Wayanad District of Kerala

      – T.A.Varghese

58. Diffusion of High Yielding Variety of Coffee: A Study of Chandragiri Variety in Karnataka, India
-K.J. Joseph, P.K. Viswanathan and A. Sajitha

59. Setting the Prices Right? An Empirical Analysis of e-Auction in Cardamom
-K.J. Joseph and Kiran Kumar Kakarlapudi