National Research Programme on Plantation Development

NRPPD at CDS undertakes policy-oriented research on all aspects of India’s plantation sector.  The programme is supported by a generous endowment of Rs 5 crores, provided by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. The programme works under the overall guidance of a Steering Committee chaired by the Chairman, CDS and a Research Advisory Committee (RAC), Chaired by the Director, CDS. Prof Vinoj Abraham was appointed coordinator of the programme in May 2019.

The following studies were initiated during 2019-20.

  1. How to confront the challenges in creating farmer producer organizations in coffee?
  2. Understanding the performance of Rubber Producer Societies.
  3. Whether auction system is suitable for rubber sector, if so, what are the factors required to implement it?
  4. A study on the performance of self-help groups or farmer producer organizations with respect to supporting small tea growers.

All the above studies are based on primary survey. Apart from the coordinator other members of the faculty are involved in these studies. In consultation with the respective commodity boards,  the concept notes were prepared pilot surveys were completed and primary data collection had started.

In addition to the above, NRPPD has undertaken a study on “Price forecasting model for natural rubber” at the instance of the Rubber Board. Also a presentation on “A comparative study on the performance of producer societies in plantation sector” was done at the Seminar on Kerala and the World Economy, conducted at CDS in February.

Prof. Vinoj Abraham