The Baker Auditorium, named after Laurie Baker, the architect who had conceived and designed the campus and buildings has a capacity to seat around 150 people. The auditorium which is used for seminars, conferences and public lectures and events is equipped with all the latest equipment and facilities for making presentations and conducting public gatherings.

This turtle-shaped building is adorned on either side with a stagger-patterned jail which runs from the floor to ceiling keeping the building ventilated throughout the year. The un-plastered filler slab ceiling takes care of the acoustics, thanks to its raw and natural finish, thereby enabling a speaker on stage to be still audible without the need of a microphone.

Towards the back of the auditorium on the first floor there are two large classrooms which share a common veranda overlooking the stage below.



Plan and Elevation -Picture Courtesy: Masterpiece of a Master Architect: CDS by COSTFORD & Laurie Baker Centre for Habitat Studies