Using Internet for Applied Development Research

Internet has become a major source of information for social scientists, and users benefit from improved search and other tools that optimise results, CDS has developed a crash course on ‘Using Internet for Applied Development Research’ for research scholars in economics and other social sciences, across colleges and universities in India.

Given a research topic, after attending the course, the participant should be able to, among other things;

  • Prepare a comprehensive but issue-specific bibliography using freely available resources on the www;
  • Identify secondary source datasets;
  • Download the identified datasets in an efficient manner; and
  • Familiarise with different methods of dissemination (of output) and networking

The program will take the participant through different stages involved in conducting applied development research and will also introduce the participant with the web-based resources to make the research easier. The topics covered include tools for power browsing, searching, downloading, data analysis, collaborating, and reporting/writing etc.

So far, nine editions of the programme have been offered since 2005. The next edition of the programme will be offered in 28-30 May, 2014. Those who are interested may contact the course co-coordinators @ Mani at or Murali at

Using Internet for Applied Development Research Ver 10.0
May 28 – 30, 2014

Courseware: All the selected participants will be provided with a CD-ROM containing all the software tools used in the course. Very clear notes explaining the use of these tools and the slides of all the lectures too will be available.

Venue: The course will be held at the air-conditioned and Wi-Fi enabled computer lab at Centre for Development Studies. The campus is easily reachable by public transport from the Central Station at Thampanur and the City Bus Terminal at East Fort. The nearest important junction is approximately a kilometer away at Ulloor.

Course Certificate: The participants will be issued with a course completion certificate of the Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum, Kerala.

Course Fee: Rs 5000 per person. This includes the following: (i) Boarding and lodging for four nights beginning May 27, 2014; and (ii) Courseware. For non-residential candidates the course fee is Rs 3500. This fee covers three lunches and the courseware.

Travel and Accommodation: Outstation participants will have to make their own arrangements for travel. Accommodation will be provided within the CDS campus and the course fee cover this amount.

Application: can be submitted by online or downloaded the PDF format, filled and submitted by email/ post.

Online application

Application Form – PDF format

For more details..

UIADR Version 10.0 – Brochure

For additional information on any aspect of the course, please contact:

Programme Office, CDS
Tel: 0471-2774256, 2774200, 9895077566

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