Teaching Innovations Programme in Economics

Teaching Innovations Programme in Economics (TIPE)

This programme meant for college teachers in economics seeks to improve undergraduate education in economics in Kerala by offering the instructors an opportunity to expand their domain knowledge, teaching skills, and participate in the scholarship of teaching and learning in economics. The programme introduces the participants to some of the recent advances in economic theory and pedagogical techniques as well.

Among other things, the intends to (i) sensitised the participants to recent developments in micro, macro, statistics and Indian economy topics; (ii) to make the teachings of these topics more interesting and relevant to real life situations; (iii) to adapt teaching strategies presented in the program for use in the courses they offered.

The Programme has four modules spanning five working days each. The modules range from topics in economic theory to quantitative techniques to selected issues in Indian economy. The four modules are:

  • Module 1: Microeconomics;
  • Module 2: Macroeconomics;
  • Module 3: Econometrics; and
  • Module 4: Selected topics on Indian economy

The participants are free to choose between various combinations of at least two modules. For instance, a participant may opt for all the four modules or he/she may choose various permutations and combinations of the modules. All the modules will also focus on using new technologies such as computer-based exercises and the Internet to make the topics livelier and current. In fact, introducing the participants to a whole host of web-based teaching techniques and research resources is an important feature of this programme. It also introduces the participants to the database of Indian economy and also to techniques in data analysis.


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