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The Joan Robinson collection at KN Raj Library

 Professor Joan Robinson of University of Cambridge has been a great friend and well wisher of CDS who has even donated royalties of two of her books, Selected Economic Writings and An Introduction to Modern Economics, to CDS. She was a frequent visitor to CDS during the 1970s and early 1980s and the last time that we had the privilege of hosting her was during December  1981 and January 1982. She passed away in 1983. CDS has kept her memory in more ways than one. We have now a Joan Robinson Prize that is awarded to best outgoing Master’s student  and one of our major seminar halls where most of the academic conversations and debates go on is named the Joan Robinson Hall. Recently her daughter, Ms Barbara Jeffrey, has donated Professor Robinson’s personal library to the CDS. The CDS is most grateful to Ms Barbara Jeffrey for donating the books to the CDS Library. The collection of books containing 110 titles has a number of books by Professor Robinson herself and John Maynard Keynes. This precious collection of books add to a distinguished collection of personal libraries of such distinguished economists as Nicholas Kaldor, Sanjaya Lall and K N Raj, that the CDS library is privileged to have. 


CDS is extremely thankful to one of our Visiting Professors, Professor Frances Stewart who took the initiative of putting us in touch with Ms Barbara Jeffrey and also to one of our distinguished and most helpful alumni, Mr Gareth Wall in helping Ms Jeffrey to ship the books to CDS from St Albans, near London