Rights and Obligations of Students


1.Students have the right to expect that the assessment requirements in their courses will be linked to the objectives of that course, and these objectives should be clearly laid down at the beginning of each course.
2.Students have the right to know in advance the nature and extent of the assessment, the grading criteria for each assessment, and its relative contribution towards the final grade.
3.Students have a right to know who assessed their work, after the assessment, in order to facilitate questions or comments that they may have.
4.Students have a right to receive adequate feedback on their work, which relates to the assessment criteria mentioned above.
5.Students have the right to appeal for re-evaluation/review of their performance/grades, following the prescribed procedure and rules.
6.Students have the right to be free from harassment of any kind from other students, faculty or administrative staff. The Centre has a Sexual Harassment Policy in place and students should direct any such concerns to the appropriate place. Information about this policy can be located at: http://cds.edu/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/CASH_Norms.pdf
7.Students are entitled to redressal of their unresolved grievances by the Grievance Redressal Committee of the Centre.


1.Students are expected to attend classes.
2.All submissions, term papers, synopsis etc to be submitted positively by the due date.
3.Students are required to be familiar with the Centre’s policies on Academic Integrity and Conduct.
4.Students are expected to participate in all seminars and workshops at the Centre.
5.Students are expected to be courteous at all times to all Centre’s faculty, administrative staff and student colleagues.
6.Students are required to follow the CDS hostel rules.
7.Students are required to use Centre’s internet facilities strictly for academic purposes only.

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