Addressing Students’ Concerns

For academic concerns, the following channels are available:

1)The Academic Programs Office headed by the Administrative Officer handles all matters pertaining to students. Each program (MA, MPhil and PhD) has two faculty coordinators responsible for the day-to-day functioning of the programs. Students are advised to approach the coordinators for any issues pertaining to lectures, schedules, presentations, evaluation etc.
2)Monthly meetings are scheduled by the program coordinators of each program with all students belonging to the program. These meetings would facilitate open discussions and dialogue regarding almost all academic matters pertaining to the respective program.
3)At the end of each semester, each MA and MPhil student submits a feedback form for each of the courses they attended during the semester and gives a candid assessment of the quality of the course and instruction. They are encourages to state their specific concerns and suggestions in this feedback form. The Director shall review all forms to obtain a collective view on each course.

For addressing non-academic concerns, there are several committees where students have representation. The following is an indicative list of such committees where students can raise their concerns through their representatives:
1.Academic Committee – all academic and nonacademic issues.
2.Canteen Management Committee – all mess related issues.
3.Library Committee – all library related issues.
4.IT Committee – all IT related issues.
5.Campus Committee – all matters relating to the campus/hostel maintenance/facilities.

Further Recourse

If satisfactory response is not obtained through any of the above channels for academic and nonacademic concerns, students may directly approach the Director, ideally through their representative or even individually. The Director shall also hold open house from time to time to interact with students and understand their concerns and issues.

As a last recourse, the elected Grievance Redressal Committee may be approached to raise any grievances that might not have been addressed to the satisfaction of the affected party through the above channels.

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