Special Collections

The CDS Library has the honour of receiving the Kollemcode Collection of records donated very graciously by the Raja of Kollemcode (Palghat District, Kerala) in 1978. The Collection of records consists of 178 printed documents, 48 manuscripts and 38 sets of palm leaf documents (consisting of 10,713 separate documents) that give a descriptive account of income and expenses of the Kollemcode Palace and temples. The collection is thus an important source of information to understand the economic history of northern Kerala.

Lord Nicholas Kaldor (1908-1986) was Professor of Economics and Fellow of Kings’ College, University of Cambridge. Needless to add, he was one of the outstanding economists of his generation. Nicholas Kaldor came to CDS in 1985 to inaugurate and deliver the first Joan Robinson Memorial Lecture. Professor Kaldor was also invited by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to design an expenditure tax system for India in the 1950s. Owing to these “India and CDS Links’, the Kaldor family most graciously donated his entire person collection to the CDS Library. Professor Frances Stewart, one of the daughters of the Kaldors, and the then Director of Queen Elizabeth House at the University of Oxford inaugurated the collection at a special function at CDS in August 1995. There are 362 books in the collection and it covers a wide range of books in economic theory, classical political economy, business cycles, history of economic thought etc. After reading a book, Professor Kaldor used to make elaborate notes in pencil on the margins of the books. These have become important source of data or information for those researchers working on the economics of Kaldor.


Sanjaya Lall was Professor of Development Economics at the University of Oxford. Sanjaya was a visitor at the CDS during 1995 when he spent about ten days here lecturing to the students. He was deeply impressed with the way Centre had built up its library. Upon his passing away, his beloved family has graciously donated his entire private collection to our Library. Professor Luc Soete, Director, United Nations University-MERIT, Maastricht, The Netherlands inaugurated the collection on October 4th, 2006. The Sanjaya Lall Collection has about 400 titles dealing MNCs, technological capability and East Asian growth process. A large number of not-so-easily accessible books and research papers on these subjects are an important feature of this collection.



Dr. Bhaskar Gopalakrishna Kumar (Born on 8th August 1958) was on the faculty of CDS, from December 1987 to 4th January 1993 when he passed away. Among the various prizes and distinctions that he won was the Stevenson Prize for his M Phil dissertation at the University of Cambridge. He obtained his D Phil from Balliol College, Oxford University for the dissertation on Poverty and Public Policy: Government Intervention and Levels of Living in Kerala 1960-1985. His family graciously donated his personal collection of 185 books to the CDS library. The books are merged with the general collection to ensure its widest usage.

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