Library Services

Photocopying Services

  • Photocopying service is available in the library. Materials can be photocopied subject to copyright restrictions.

Other services will be charged at the following rates:-

Sl.No Type of Services Fees
1 Photocopy Rs 1.50 per page
2 Literature Search from Databases(CD/Online) Rs 20 up to 50 records or part thereof and Ps.50 for every subsequent records
3 Subject Bibliography Rs 20 up to 50 records or part thereof and Ps.50 for every subsequent records
4 Elecronic DocumentDelivery using Internet Options(Full text of working papers/journal articles/reports etc.) Rs 10 up to 10 pages or part thereof and Rs.10 for every subsequent 10 pages or part thereof
5 Statistical Data Rs.5 per table


  • Additional charges are applicable to items 2 to 5 in the following manner:
  • Rs 10 if the files are given in CD-ROM.
  • Rs 5 per page for providing in the form of laser printouts.

Other Services

  • Alert Service: New discussion papers /working papers from other sister institutions
  • Advance Contents Alert Service of Journals
  • Internet Document Delivery Service
  • Accession list updates are posted in the CDS Website and also made available in hard copy to readers.
  • Photocopying facilities are available to readers who wish to get copies of articles and other documents.
  • Subject bibliographies based on the holdings of the library are issued on request
  • Content page service.
  • Current Awareness Service.


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