Current Journal holdings at K N Raj Library

1. Agricultural Economics Research Review
2. Agricultural Marketing
3. Agricultural Situation In India
4. Aksharakairali
5. Aksharasree
6. Aksharam
7. Alternatives: Global, Local, Political
8. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics
9. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy
10. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics
11. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics
12. American Economic Review
13. American Journal of Agricultural Economics
14. American Journal of Sociology
15. Analytical Monthly Review
16. Annals of Arid Zone
17. Annals of Library And Information Studies
18. Aranyam
19. Anvesak
20. Applied Economic Perspectives And Policy
21. Arrows For Change
22. Arthavijnana
23. Asia-Pacific Population Journal
24. Asian Biotechnology And Development Review
25. Asian Economic Review
26. Aspire
27. Audit Companion
28. ASSOCHAM Parliamentary Digest
29. Australian Economic Papers
30. Bangladesh Development Studies
31. Bhagirath
32. Book Review
33. Bharanachakram
34. Brand Kerala
35. Brookings Papers on Economic Activity
36. Business India
37. Business World
38. Cambridge Journal of Economics
39. Canadian Journal of Economics
40. Canadian Studies in Population
41. Capital And Class
42. Cashew Bulletin
43. Challenge
44. China Quarterly
45. China Report
46. Chintha
47. CIRDAP Development Digest
48. CMFRI Newsletter
49. Coir News
50. Comparative Studies in Society And History
51. Contributions to Indian Sociology
52. Contributions to Political Economy
53. Coordinates
54. CPCRI News
55. Critical Asian Studies
56. Current Labour Report
57. Design Diffusion News
58. Decision
59. DELNET Newsletter
60. Demography
61. Demography India
62. Designer Plus Builder Magazine
63. Developing Economies
64. Development And Change
65. Development Dialogue
66. DevIssues
67. Dhanam
68. Dream 2047
69. Ecologist
70. Econometrica
71. Econometrics Journal
72. Economia Internazionale
73. Economic And Political Weekly
74. Economic Development And Cultural Change
75. Economic History Review
76. Economic Intelligence Service: Monthly Review of The Indian Economy
77. Economic Journal
78. Economica
79. Economist
80. Electronics Information And Planning
81. Employment News
82. Environment And Development Economics
83. Environment And Urbanization
84. Enterprise and Economic Update
85. European Economic Review
86. The Family
87. Family Relations
88. Feminist Economics
89. Feminist Review
90. Feminist Studies
91. Finance And Development
92. Financing Agriculture
93. Food Policy
94. Foreign Trade Review
95. Frontier
96. Frontline
97. Green Energy
98. Health And Population Perspectives And Issues
99. Health Policy And Planning
100. Helpage India Research And Development Journal
101. History Workshop Journal
102. Hitotsubashi Journal Of Economics
103. Human Touch
104. IASSI Quarterly
105. ICSSR Newsletter
106. ICTs And Society
107. IIAS Newsletter
108. IIPS Newsletter
109. India Review
110. India Today
111. India, WTO And Trade Issues
112. Indian Cashew Journal
113. Indian Coconut Journal
114. Indian Coffee
115. Indian Economic And Social History Review
116. Indian Economic Journal
117. Indian Economic Review
118. Indian Farming
119. Indian Horticulture
120. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics
121. Indian Journal of Arecanut, Spices And Medicinal Plants
122. Indian Journal of Fertilisers
123. Indian Journal of Gender Studies
124. Indian Journal of Gerontology
125. Indian Journal of Human Development
126. Indian Journal of Industrial Relations
127. Indian Journal of Labour Economics
128. Indian Journal of Law And Technology
129. Indian Journal of Marine Sciences
130. Indian Journal of Medical Research
131. Indian Journal of Nutrition And Dietetics
132. 1ndian Journal of Transport Management
133. Indian Labour Journal
134. Indian Social Science Review
135. Indian Textile Journal
136. Indian Trade Journal
137. Industrial Economist
138. INFLIBNET Newsletter
139. Innovation and Development
140. InSage
141. International Economic Review
142. International Journal of Health Services
143. International Labour Review
144. International Migration Review
145. ISDA Journal
146. Jananeethi
147. Janapadham
148. Janasankhya
149. JNU News
150. Journal of Agrarian Change
151. Journal of Applied Econometrics
152. Journal of Asian Studies
153. Journal of Bio-Social Science
154. Journal of Contemporary Asia
155. Journal of Development Economics
156. Journal of Development Studies
157. Journal of Economic History
158. Journal of Economic Issues
159. Journal of Economic Literature
160. Journal of Economic Perspectives
161. Journal of Economic Policy And Research
162. Journal of Energy And Development
163. Journal of Environmental Economics And Management
164. Journal of Family Theory And Practice
165. Journal of Family Welfare
166. Journal of Finance
167. Journal of Health Economics
168. Journal of Health Management
169. Journal of Human Development And Capabilities
170. Journal of Income And Wealth
171. Journal of Indian School of Polictical Economy
172. Journal of Industrial Economics
173. Journal of Institute of Public Enterprise
174. Journal of International Economics
175. Journal of Kerala Studies
176. Journal of Labour Economics
177. Journal of Law And Economics
178. Journal of Macroeconomics
179. Journal of Marriage And Family
180. Journal of Modern African Studies
181. Journal of Money Credit And Banking
182. Journal of Peasant Studies
183. Journal of Plantation Crops
184. Journal of Policy Modelling
185. Journal of Political Economy
186. Journal of Post Keynesian Economics
187. Journal of Psychology24 Online (Link)
188. Journal of Psychological Issues in Organizational Culture
189. Journal of Quantitative Economics
190. Journal of Social And Economic Development
191. Journal of Social And Economic Studies
192. Journal of Rural Development
193. Journal of The American Statistical Association
194. Journal of The Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics
195. Journal of Transport Economics And Policy
196. Journal of World Trade
197. KELPRO Bulletin
198. Kerala Calling
199. Kerala Gazette
200. Kerala Karshakan
201. Kerala Sahakarana Journal
202. Kudumbasree
203. Kurukshetra
204. Kyklos
205. Labour And Development
206. Labour Capital And Society
207. Land Economics
208. Library Connect
209. Library Herald
210. Loyola Journal of Social Sciences
211. Madhya-Pradesh Journal Of Social Sciences
212. Mainstream
213. Man And Development
214. Man And Society
215. Management in Government
216. Manpower Journal
217. Margin
218. Marine Fisheries Information Service
219. Minerals And Metals Review
220. Modern Asian Studies
221. NAAC News
222. Nagarlok
223. NASSDOC Conference Alert
224. National Social Science Information System: Current And Completed Research Projects In Economy Related Study Areas
225. New York Review of Books
226. New Left Review
227. NE Newsletter
228. Newsweek
229. NIRD Newsletter
230. Non-Wood News
231. Oxford Bulletin of Economics And Statistics
232. Oxford Economic Papers
233. Panchayati Raj Update
234. Partners In Research For Development
235. Planters Chronicle
236. Policy Brief (National Centre for Agricultural Economics and Policy Research, ICAR)
237. Population And Development Review
238. Population And Environment Bulletin
239. Population Brief
240. Population Studies
241. Prajnan
242. Productivity
243. Quantitative Economics
244. Quarterly Journal of Economics
245. Race And Class
246. Rajagiri Journal of Social Development
247. Rand Journal of Economics
248. Reproductive Health Matters
249. Research Policy
250. Reserve Bank of India Bulletin
251. Reserve Bank of India Occasional Papers
252. Review of Development And Change
253. Review of Economic Studies
254. Review of Economics And Statistics
255. Review of Income And Wealth
256. Review of Radical Political Economics
257. Review Of World Economics
258. RIS Policy Briefs
259. Rural 21: Interantional Journal For Rural Development
260. SAARC Journal Of Human Resource Development
261. Sakhi
262. Samoohya Vijnana Lekhana Soochika
263. Sahayatra
264. Sarvekshana
265. Scandinavian Journal Of Economics
266. Science And Society
267. Scottish Journal of Poltical Economy
268. Seminar
269. Signs
270. Social Change And Development
271. Social Science Documantation List
272. Social Science News Index
273. Social Scientist
274. Social Welfare
275. Sociological Bulletin
276. Soocheemukhi
277. Source Bulletin
278. South Asian Journal of Socio Political Studies
279. South Asian Studies
280. Southern Economic Journal
281. Span
282. Spice India
283. Spice India (Malayalam)
284. Stata Journal
285. Stata News
286. Student
287. Studies In Family Planning
288. Studies In History
289. Supreme Saviour
290. Sustainalbe Citiscape
291. Susthira Nagaravartha
292. Technology And Culture
293. Tapasam
294. Textile Review
295. Telos
296. Theoretical Economics
297. Think India
298. Time
299. Tourism Economics
300. Trade Union
301. Tree India Environment Journal
302. Tribal Health Bulletin
303. Urban Finance
304. Urban India
305. University News
306. Uttar Pradesh Journal of Social Science Research
307. Vision
308. Voice of Hindecon
309. Water And Energy International
310. Week
311. WHO:Bulletin
312. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reivews: Computational Statistics
313. Women of China
314. World Bank Research Digest
315. World Development
316. World Economy
317. World of Work
318. Yuvadhara
319. Yojana
320. Yojana (Malayalam)

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