User Guide

CDS students can use the PCs kept in:

Acess points Location Timings
Computer Lab Computer Centre 9AM to 4:50 PM (Monday to Friday).
MPhil Bay Main Block No restriction.
PhD Bay Main Block -do-




Internet usage guideline/ policy:

  • User Password and Email ID will be allotted to each of the students. Pl. don’t divulge your password to others.
  • Don’t register e-mail id with mailing lists and use it for mass mailing.
  • Access to the Net is based on user authentication. When you start the browser, it will prompt you for user-name/password- just enter your email log-in name and password. Don’t save your name/password in the browser. Also, close the browser when you move away from the machine or finish your session. If you don’t do this, other users will be able to browse using your account.
  • CDS Internet access is meant only for serving you educational goals.
  • Disconnecting PCs from the network for using laptop is not at all allowed (laptop users should connect to the network via Wi-Fi)
  • We will be monitoring the type/quality of the sites you visit randomly and if found inappropriate, your a/c will be disabled.



Computer Manuals- Borrowing Facility

Manuals are issued to CDS students/staff from the Computer Centre for overnight reference

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