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Seminar by Prof. Kazuyuki Motohashi

A seminar on ‘Measuring Science-Innovation Linkage of AI and Some Policy Implications’ was held at the Joan Robinson Hall on 18 February, 2019. The seminar was presented by Professor Kazuyuki Motohashi, University of Tokyo.
Abstract: This presentation is based on the database, linking scientific paper database (Science) and patent information (Technology) in Japan and the United States. The database allows us to look at co-occurrence of science and technology, which cannot be captured by traditional science linkage indicator such as NPL citation by patent. It is found that more scientific knowledge is used for industrial innovation over 10 years both in Japan and the United States, and this linkage is particularly higher in AI (artificial intelligence ) research field. The presentation concludes with innovation policy implications for the area of strong science and technology linkage, such as AI.