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Seminar by Dr Ritika Jain

Commentary on India’s Economy and Society Series

As part of the Commentary on India’s Economy and Society Series a seminar titled ‘Industrial Investment in India: Broad Trends and Patterns at the State-level,’ was delivered by Dr Ritika Jain, CDS at the Joan Robinson Hall, on 14 March, 2019.

Abstract: With liberalisation in India there has been a rise in competition leading to a surge in industrial investment but this rise has not been uniform across the states. This short commentary focuses on the broad trends and patterns exhibited by industrial entrepreneurship in India at the state level for the period 2006-2017. The study measures industrial investment/ entrepreneurship using three sets of variables- proposals filed, implemented and the rate implementation level and captures both incidence and volume of investments. The study finds that industrial investment continues to remain concentrated in certain states. As a next step, the study attempts to examine possible explanation by focusing on a set of factors that affect industrial activity- land, labour, institutional constraints and infrastructure capacities.