Building a New Kerala: Ideas and Reflections

Building a New Kerala: Ideas and Reflections

In the wake of the unprecedented destruction wreaked by monsoon flooding in Kerala, CDS as an institution committed to contributing to Kerala’s policy-building and public discussion, is launching a series of policy reflections, below. These are by important researchers, and activists who have considerable experience of working on and in Kerala. The series is assembled by the Research Unit on Local Self-Government at CDS and is edited J Devika. We hope to add to the public debate both general reflections on the rebuilding process, as well as more focused thoughts on a wide variety of topics, many of which have gained relevance in the post-deluge moment.

The views, opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in these papers are strictly those of the author(s). They do not necessarily reflect the views of the Centre for Development Studies.

1.Financing the Rebuild – Suggestions for Meeting the Challenges Ahead : R Mohan

2.Floods – a nimitham to Building Back Better? : John Kurien

3.Who will control the next-generation technology that will rebuild Kerala?: Anita Gurumurthy

4.Women and Gender Policy after the Deluge: Some Reflections: J Devika

5.Revive People’s Power in the Rebuilding : M P Parameswaran

6. On a Collective and Equitable Green Recovery – Challenging Modes of Domination: Shoba Arun and TG Arun

7. Thinking of Public Education in Times of the Deluge: K K Krishna Kumar

8. The Six Lessons from the Mega floods of 2018 for Rebuild Kerala: Sunil Mani

9. Some Priorities for Rehabilitation in the Kuttanad Region: AV Jose

10. Reconstruction of Kerala-Drawing on Strength : Srikumar Chattopadhyay

11. Can /Should Art Wait for Better Times?: C S Venkiteswaran

12. Rehabilitation and Reconstruction: A Chance for a New Kerala Model?: K K Eswaran and J Devika

13. New Foundations for the Mind: Rebuilding Intelligence in Post-Disaster Kerala: J. Devika

14. Factoring Terrain Characteristics for Reconstruction of Kerala : Mahamaya Chattopadhyay

15. Everyday Risks, Precarious Livelihoods and the Politics of Disaster Management : Max Martin, Filippo Osella and Roderick Stirrat