Government of Kerala Endowment Unit on Local Self Governments (RULSG)

The Government of Kerala had set up a Research Unit on Local Self Governments at the Centre in March 2005 with an initial corpus of Rs.8 crore for a five year period beginning of the financial year 2004-05. The objectives of the Unit are: (a) promotion of research; (b) research capacity building; and (c) Promotion of usage (dissemination of research findings) particularly in linking up research with training programmes of institutions such as the Kerala Institute of Local Administration.

The Unit started functioning in the last quarter of 2005 and an Advisory Committee with Professor N.R. Madhava Menon as Chairperson has been constituted. Based on a series of meeting, workshops and interactions with officials of the local bodies, state governments, Planning Board, academicians, researchers and activists, a comprehensive agenda was drawn up which was more specific about various activities proposed for the Unit under the three broad objectives outlined in the proposal. Some of them were flagged and a core group of researchers was formed to do further work.


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