Recent Working Papers:

Vinoj Abraham
MGNREGS: Political Economy, Local Governance and Asset Creation in South India
WP 471

Amit S Ray, M Parameswaran, Manmohan Agarwal, Sunandan Ghosh, Udaya S Mishra, Upasak Das & Vinoj Abraham
Quality of Social Science Research in India
WP 470

T.M.Thomas Isaac & R. Mohan
Sustainable Fiscal Consolidation Suggesting the Way Ahead for Kerala
WP 469

Religious Denominations of Kerala
WP 468

Udaya S. Mishra
Measuring Progress Towards MDGs in Child Health: Should Base Level Sensitivity and Inequity Matter ?
WP 467

Manmohan Agarwal
International Monetary System Response of Developing Countries to its Shortcomings
WP 466

Manmohan Agarwal and Sunandan Ghosh
Structural Change in the Indian Economy
WP 465

M. Parameswaran
Determinants of Industrial Disputes: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing Industry
WP 464

K. C. Zachariah and S. Irudaya Rajan
Dynamics of Emigration and Remittances in Kerala:Results from the Kerala Migration Survey 2014
WP 463

Udaya S Mishra and Vachaspati Shukla
Welfare Comparisons with Multidimensional Well-being Indicators: An Indian Illustration
WP 462

Amit S Ray and Sunandan Ghosh
Reflections on India’s Emergence in the World Economy

WP 461