Affiliation to National Researchers

1. Scholars may request for affiliation through their organisation with a brief statement of the study objectives, methodology, previous work if any and link with any existing academic programme. Affiliation will be granted following favourable  review of the proposal and after the scholar has finalised the work plan in consultation with CDS.

Normal Process Time : 45 Days

2. Conditions of Affiliation

  • The affiliation will be for the particular study, to be carried out as per the agreed work plan. CDS will not be responsible for the views and opinions expressed in the study outputs as well as activities of the affiliate at any time. The affiliate shall be responsible to obtain any governmental clearance required for the study. Affiliation does not involve any financial commitment for the CDS and all expenses are to be borne by the affiliate or the sponsors. CDS may agree to handle the funds, if so desired by the sponsors; in which case, the expenditure shall be as per CDS norms.
  • An affiliation fee of Rs. 5000 per year of affiliation is to be remitted at the time of joining; if, however, funds are channeled through CDS, the sponsoring agency shall pay 15% of actual expenses, subject to a minimum of Rs. 5000 per year, as overheads to CDS.
  • The affiliate shall submit six-monthly reports and on completion, present a seminar.
  • A copy of the final research output shall be deposited with the Library.

3. Affiliation at CDS provides

  • Access to CDS Library and computing facilities; consultation with faculty and administrative support, up on request; office space, subject to availability, if tenure exceeds one year; accommodation in CDS hostels, subject to availability, if tenure is less than six months.


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