CDS Unctad Research Programme

UNCTAD, Ministry of Commerce, Government of India and the Department for International Development (DFID), the United Kingdom have launched a project christened “Strategies and Preparedness for Trade and Globalisation in India” to assess the impact and opportunities of trade and globalisation for India. In this venture, UNCTAD India is partnered with the Centre for Development Studies (CDS) with the objective of strengthening the country’s human and institutional capacities for analysis of globalisation related issues and to facilitate a policy environment that will support and sustain a more equitable process of globalisation. The programme, chaired by Professor K.J. Joseph, has the twin objectives of generating capacity to negotiate various challenges being posed by the new trading regime under WTO and to come up with ways and means for exploiting various opportunities thrown opened by the new disposition.

Major activities initiated by the Centre under this programme are


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