Buildings Committee

Prof. Sunil Mani, Director Chairperson
Mr. Suresh Kumar S, Registrar Convener
Sri S M Vijayanand IAS Member
Sri M Sivasankar IAS Member
Prof. V K Lekshmanan Nair Member
Prof. U S Mishra Member
Dr Paveena Kodoth, GHMC Chairperson (Ex-Officio) Member
Dr. J.Devika, Campus Committee Chairperson (Ex-Officio) Member
Sri V Sriram, Chief Librarian (Ex-Officio) Member
Sri Aanandh N R, Campus Supervisor (Ex-Officio) Member
Sr. Anoop Kumar P P, Asst. Campus Supervisor (Ex-Officio) Member
Sri P B Sajan, COSTFORD Special Invitee


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